Treat yourself, or that special someone, to the Rhonda Allison Winter Radiance facial.  This Rhonda Allison, RA, facial is one of a kind, and is loaded with antioxidants which provide an intense treatment for the skin.  The RA Winter Radiance facial begins with a gentle, milk-based cleansing, followed by a skin smoothing layer of real RA Cherry enzyme.  After your skin has had a blast of powerful antioxidants from the RA Cherry enzyme, a nutrient rich blast of RA Grape seed hydrating serum is applied and massaged in.  Lavender-infused eye pads are placed on your eyes as you luxuriate in an intense, deep penetrating RA Chocolate facial mask.  You’ll want to lick it, it’s just that good! While you mask your neck and decollete are treated to a warm massage of RA Grape seed hydrating serum.  After removal of your mask, your skin bathed in RA Antioxidant complex serum and RA Grape seed moisture gel.  Call today to book your personal time!